HTC Vive: Everything that you need to know about it.

Most people think that HTC only makes smartphones. And this is not far from the truth. Yes, the company launches many smartphones based on Android. The HTC team of developers has many examples of winning awards for incredible designs, and over the past year, the company has used these talents not only in the development of phones. However, game developer Valve has asked HTC to create a virtual reality headset. Their views were the same in many aspects and the Vive headset was made. This is the display you wear on your head that completely replaces your field of view. When you look left and right, or up and down, the images you see in the HTC Vive move with you, making you feel that you are actually moving in the virtual world. To get the full experience of being in the virtual world, HTC offers you two controllers. You put them on your hands and thus transfer your palms to the virtual world. So you can not only be in the virtual world, but also interact with it. This headset is one of the first to completely transform your room into a virtual space. Games and applications allow you to walk and explore the virtual world just like the real world.

How does it work?

The HTC Vive package comes with a pair of special cameras that HTC calls Lighthouses. These cameras are installed in the corners of your room and together they fill the room with infrared light. HTC Vive headsets and controllers have sensors that accept this light and use this information to determine your location in the room. While your headset and controllers can “see” these Lighthouses, the headset knows where you are in the room and will let you play games and move around in that space.

Wait, it turns out I have to drill holes in the walls?

HTC has mounting brackets with instructions for mounting lighthouses on the walls with screws, but this is not necessary. If you have a high, flat surface where lighthouses can be installed, that’s enough. Lighthouses also have two different screws so you can mount them on a tripod or something like that. You can place lighthouses temporarily or fasten them permanently.

Do I need to set aside an entire room to use HTC Vive?

You don’t need a whole room to enjoy this headset, but you’ll need more open space than any other video game system you’ve ever played. The HTC Vive headset works in one of two modes, “Room Scale” and “Standing Room Only”. When setting up room scale mode, you use controllers to “draw” an area you want to play in, and thanks to Valve software, you won’t be able to go outside that area when playing. By adjusting the standing mode, you can see a small square on the ground with a legroom in the center. You stay in this square during the game and everything is great.

Standing Room Only isn’t that fun?

This mode is also quite entertaining and fun, but there are a few games and programs that you may not have access to. Standing mode is designed to prevent you from walking. Accordingly, games and programs that require walking will not work in this mode. At the moment, not many games need you to walk around. Most games and programs, and first of all shooters, work fine without the need for your moves. Moreover, in this mode you can move your hands, which is the most important part in most situations.

How can I not hit something in reality?

Valve has developed a system called Chaperone to ensure that you do not go beyond the virtual world you have designated. As you approach the edge of your virtual environment, you will see in front of your eyes the blue grid, over the game or the application you are using. This makes it clear that you are at the edge of the game environment, and you need to take a few steps back. This system works on all applications, so you always know that you will not crash into the wall or anything else. HTC has also added a camera to the headset. And the Chaperone system can now track if someone or something has hit your game space and also help you avoid a collision.

Do I need anything other than a headset to get a virtual reality experience?

HTC Vive does not have a standalone power supply, so you’ll need a powerful enough computer to operate it. Minimum requirements for this PC include a Nvidia Geforce 970 equivalent graphics card and 4GB of RAM. This means that any laptop or computer for less than $ 1000 is not suitable for HTC Vive.

Are there many games and applications for this headset?

Yes, virtual reality is becoming more and more popular everyday. Accordingly, number of games and apps developers are growing. The use of virtual reality is becoming increasingly widespread. There are tens of thousands of games and applications for HTC Vive, of any genre and focus. On our web-site you will find many examples of various simulators and games for this headset. We can also help you develop your own virtual reality game.